Three Tales.

Waterloo, Ontario: The Electric Ferry Press, 2017

A boy with peculiar gifts, a man who once knew love, an old actor on the last day of his life. Holy fools. And their helpers—familiars, angels, spectres. Canny visitants in uncanny places. Tales in the grey zone between comic realism and gothic fantasy, between the psychological and the supernatural.

Cover art Cecil Collins.

The Wulfenite Affair and Other Stories. Kitchener, Ontario: The Electric Ferry Press, 2012

The Wulfenite Affair and Other Stories.

Waterloo, Ontario: The Electric Ferry Press, 2012

A mining camp in Arizona, Paris in the 70s, Heidelberg in the 60s, occupied Norway, a college town in Missouri, a French resort in the Caribbean and, weaving in and out, the world of Norwegian immigrant chapel-folk in Brooklyn, these tales of vanished worlds and uncanny encounters share themes of love found and lost, of regret and memory, of past images haunting present lives.

Cover art by the author.

The Yellow Room. A novel.Yellow Room cover

Kitchener, Ontario: Blaurock Press, 2009

Kindle Edition

The final days of Jørgen Mikkelsen. A man of no family or property, a disappointed atist and lover, a reluctant Resistance fighter, a man with intolerable burdens of memory and regret. Alone with his thoughts, a madman imprisoned in an attic room, Jørgen conjures out of his past a parade of ghosts. Dominating Jørgen’s disjointed narrative,however, is the haunting, imperious, tragic figure of Anna Hauge, whose circuits ran up and down the seamy streets of Vesterbro in wartime Copenhagen.

Cover art by Susan Benson.

SisterSister Patsy Patsy. A novel.

Stratford, Ontario: Pasdeloup Press, 2003.

This fable of defeat and redemption, of innocence and the knowledge of evil, unfolds against a colourful backdrop of camp meetings, revivals, preachers, gospel singers, flamboyant evangelists. Of mysterious birth and eccentric upbringing, self-taught, apprenticed to an itinerant preacher, Sister Patsy has a gift, a power both to move great crowds of people and to inspire intense devotion in a few. But on a stormy summer night in 1939, in a back-street immigrant chapel in New York City, the forces opposed to her are gathering strength. Sister Patsy has new lessons to learn in this night, lessons of freedom, of courage, and of responsibility.

Cover art and illustrations by Virgil Burnett.


Sister Patsy

Sister Patsy. New edition.

Waterloo, Ontario: The Electric Ferry Press, 2014.




Cover art by Virgil Burnett

Luggas Wood. A novel.LuggasWood

Kitchener, Ontario: Blaurock Press, 2007.

Kindle Edition

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?

In Luggas Wood, a dark and brooding headland on the border of England and Wales, an extension of this ancient myth may be playing itself out. Max Pilbeam, successful sculptor and architect, is hoping to reinvigorate a career, and a life, gone stale. A corpse, a mysterious grotto, an encounter in The Ferryman, an affecting homily on the Stabat mater, a class in Creative Writing in which an unsettling story is discussed, a dinner party in which the question of why there is something rather than nothing is raised. Max starts a new commission, learns about daffodils, meets a band of pilgrims, before realizing, on Easter Morning, what he is meant to do in Luggas Wood.

Cover art by Amber Albrecht.