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Lewi's Journey 2

Special Meetings

The women were saved to a place of emotional gratification not otherwise on offer in their lives. The men were saved from the filthiness of their natural desires. It was all about sex, really. Their disappointments they kept to themselves. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Trusting in the Promises of God.

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Three Sisters


Old photos arranged on my desk. Everyone pictured is long dead. Some of them dead twenty years before I was born. Grandparents? Great-grandparents perhaps? Yet they are not. These are photos of my aunts, uncles-by-marriage, first cousins. On the left two of my Aunt Josefine. Then two of Aunt Anna and her husband on their […]

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We are dressed up, and the old kodak with the long bellows is brought along and pictures are taken out of doors. A stranger must have been stopped and asked to shoot us all together. We are visiting the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx Park, posed in front of the Museum Building, Carl Tefft’s […]

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Best & Co

In The Godfather there is a scene in which Michael and Kay are Christmas shopping. We see them, early in the film, before Michael has set himself on the path of his criminal destiny, laden with parcels, on the pavement in front of Best & Co, an upper-middling emporium at Fifth Avenue and 51st Street, […]

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