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It was the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis and then of the Profumo affair, of Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler—the hot topic of conversation at the trucking company, largely because my fellow rate clerk happened to be an expatriate Brit.

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Ceramics 3

Going through some old papers I come across a small bundle from the late sixties, and among the letters and forms and certificates is a birthday card from Barbara Papish, a memento that survived the shoving of random handfuls of letters into a stove one winter in Fergus, Ontario, in the course of a pointless […]

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1 I was in Missouri, a student, only recently discharged from the army, when the news was announced in class. I went outside and looked to the south, in the general direction of Texas, as I thought, with fear, with an expectation of something dreadful coming. It might have been an anniversary of the shooting, […]

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Senior lecturer

I look back upon my so-called career with wonder. How it went by, how long ago it all seems, its origins lost in obscure mists compounded of ignorance and opportunism, laziness and sheer chance. At the centre of this history, in my mind’s eye, are my lectures in American History, which I delivered for forty […]

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