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Lent Lily

The experiences of that winter and spring went into the writing of my novel Luggas Wood, including a mention of the daffodils, and many people and situations encountered then, and this I have decided is the problem with that book.

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Geoffrey of Monmouth


I have only now learned of the death, over a year ago, of Fr. James Coutts, former vicar of St. Mary’s, Monmouth. The news brings a rush of memories of a most gentle and saintly man, and a reminder of a debt.

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Cat’s Eye

The August 16 /23 Times Literary Supplement arrived, the top half of the cover visible under the plastic sleeve, and one immediately recognized, merely from the eyes peering out from just above the fold, the mandarin gaze of Margaret Atwood. A curiously Chinese face, like Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s. What the suave prime minister and the […]

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My new book

The synopsis of The Yellow Room on my Books page emphasizes the Danish context of war and Resistance, and the love story of Jørgen and Anna. Much of the narrative, however, has to do with the hero’s recollections of his time in America. For anyone familiar with my first novel, Sister Patsy, it may be […]

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