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A certain awkwardness about the neck and the wrists, a shakily erect posture as the ghost of what might once have been a military bearing, a jacket bought many years ago from which the shoulders have retreated.

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Marc Chagall, The Sacrifice of Isaac


The question arises, if we lay to rest the distortions and untruths of the Christian past, indeed of the whole Abrahamic inheritance, as unworthy of free and intelligent people, what bulwark will we have against the worst, who are full of passionate intensity?—

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In Act Three of Parsifal, the hero returns from his wanderings to find the Brotherhood of the Grail demoralised and dispersed. The old knight Gurnemanz ekes out life as a hermit. The accursed, shape-shifting Kundry is grounded, degraded in body and mind, muttering gibberish. Amfortas, the ruler of the Brotherhood, racked by pain and guilt, […]

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