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Lent Lily

The experiences of that winter and spring went into the writing of my novel Luggas Wood, including a mention of the daffodils, and many people and situations encountered then, and this I have decided is the problem with that book.

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The street runs parallel to a sort of harbour, an estuary formed by the confluence of three rivers, the Esk, the Mite and the Irt. Esk is cognate with many other river names in Britain, including the Axe and the Usk, and means a good place to fish.

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An old friend, Peter O’Shaughnessy, has just died in Winchester, the cathedral town in Southern England where he lived for many years in the St. John’s Charity almshouse in The Broadway, and in whose chapel his funeral is being held as I write these words. Peter was a rising star in the Australian cultural firmament […]

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