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Trafic small


Joy in our little world. A successful migration of our websites yesterday, in a matter of a few nail-biting hours, from an awful hosting service (that shall, in the euphoria of the moment, remain unnamed) to an efficient and altogether up-to-snuff host called SiteGround, who seem to be a crew of attractive Bulgarians in Sofia. […]

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Sister Patsy

Sister Patsy was published ten years ago. We had just moved to Stratford, where I made connection again with Virgil Burnett, artist, illustrator, writer and lecturer in Art History at the University of Waterloo. Burnett also published books, his own and those of a circle of friends, under the imprint Pasdeloup Press. He read the […]

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Electric Ferry

Penny and I have just founded a venture called The Electric Ferry Press. Our publishing ambition has so far not extended beyond the publication of Without Direction by my brother, Roy Johannesen, and a collection by me called The Wulfenite Affair & Other Stories. These are described on our website and are available at Amazon […]

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