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It is not true

The old Danish Christmas carol, repeated endlessly on Christmas Eve, dancing round the tree—or, in a big house, snaking in and out the parlour doors—asks if Christmas will last till Easter.

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William Blake, The Ghost of a Flea, c.1819-20

3 John

The Third Epistle of John, the shortest book in the New Testament, is tucked away in a sort of water meadow between the towering peaks of St. Paul’s dialectical masterpieces and the terrifying bog of Revelations.

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A correspondence with a friend brought to mind a curious but long-forgotten interest in Hosea, one of the so-called Minor Prophets in the Old Testament,“The Twelve” in the Jewish Tanakh. The premise of Hosea is laid out with brutal simplicity. “And the LORD said to Hosea, Go, take unto thee a wife of whoredoms and […]

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